Brief profile of the IBRO

The International Buddhist Relief Organisation(IBRO) is a registered U.K. charity which has been in existence since March 1995. The IBRO is made up by members and friends who are our only "life-line" and on whom our organisation depends for human and financial resources. It was founded by Ven W. Kassapa 1995 and it has been nourished and supported ever since.

The IBRO's aim and objectives are to give practical and direct help to people and other living beings anywhere in the world, who are in conditions of need regardless of their status,creed or geographical location.

During the past six years, the IBRO has provided help and support to people in Sri Lanka(1995,1996,1997,1998,1999), Africa (1997,1998 and 1999), Thailand(1996 and 1998) and very recently to Kosovo, Albania and Romania.(2000,2001)

One of our project Officers(Linda Dhammika) currently in Zambia has been the driving force in establishing a clinic near Chipata which now meets the needs of people from 58 villages. The Clinic (called the Tithandizane Clinic) although not well equipped or properly staffed has already made a great deal of difference by relieving suffering, preventing diseases and even death amongst the adults and the very young. Founds to buy medicines, vitamins and basic equipment continued to be an ongoing necessity.

Other forms of support have been given by the IBRO (Wheel chairs, clothing,spectacles, basic medical equipment, etc.) directly to poor people in countries such as Sri Lanka and India. In 1997 our Project Officer spent time in Thailand to help children with Aids being cared for in a clinic in Bangkok.

Money and other help has also been given to children in need overseas (orphaned or otherwise) as well as to other charitable organisations in support of their ongoing projects. (i.e the Amida Trust - UK involved in specific relief work to help the Kosovo refugees and the Mettha Foundation in Great Britain proving artificial limbs for disabled people in Sri Lanka.)

The IBRO is a small organisation with a big heart which makes sure that every single penny raised counts when helping others. Administrative and other expenses are met directly by the members, relief workers and officers out of their pockets and their services are totally free.

The main objectives of the organisation are to relieve the sufferings of tall living beings anywhere in the world who find themselves in distress and hardships due to social,economic or environmental conditions. This is in accordance with the principles of Lord Buddha of compassion and selflessness. Our organisation endeavourers to help needy people (and even naimals ) directly, regardless of their status,caste, creed or geographical location.

We have been able to provide humanitarian aid in many parts of the world such as Zambia, Tansania, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Sri lanka and Malaysia. We have also been able to provide aid to European countries like Romania.

With greater resources we could of course do a lot more but whether or not we are able to generate more support in the future. The International Buddhist Relief Organisation will continue to pursue humanitarian work and to ensure that help reaches the needy without fuss and wasteful costs in the spirit of selfnessness and compassion.

Our organisation has now been granted special consultative status which the Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC) of the United Nations which includes the appointment of official representatives to the UN Headquarters in New York and to the UN office in Geneva and Vienna.

Ven W. Kassapa.

Patron & President April 2001.