Sri Lankan children appeal

A new nursery school for a further 100 children and a new playground at the Agrabodhi Temple, Weligama, South Sri Lanka. The nursery has now reopened following our visit in May 2005.

In Weligama, of the 500 children that were being sheltered by the monastery, all, except one child, have been placed with extended family members.  We are supporting these children by sponsoring their education. Many of the families they are with, have also lost their homes and livelihood, so they can ill afford yet another child.  Since family ties are very strong in Sri Lanka they have willingly taken on this burden - but they need help, both financially and to rebuild their shattered homes and lives.

Our original concept was of building a new village for the orphans, but in the light of a recent visit by our IBRO delegation, it has been decided that it would be more practical to help the locals rebuild their village.

The project is evolving and further information shall be posted on this website.